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The Pink Crows Independent Artist who are ahead of the pack

Actualizado: 27 mar 2022

Last week while on Spotify and all of a sudden a song started playing While i was working out? And faces at the Gym started staring at me And that was because I was on a trip with this song called LES MONTAGNES RUSSES by. The Pink Crows yup I felt like John Travolta in saturday Night fever yet the Voice on the track took Me to Another planet and yes I was moving,

Later when I Got home I looked on Youtube and I hit it in the

Middle check out this awesome video.

THE PINK CROWS Are a Paris -based electropop duo. The musical love child between Swedish Singer/songwriter Hanna Hägglund and French composer/producer Franck Rapp. Their new Release LES MONTAGNES RUSSES is Hot Hot Hot good music cant be denied …

Sometimes dark and mysterious, sometimes ironic, but good this group knows what they are doing the score On all there songs are on point ...........And that's why they are ahead of the Rest of the pack .

The New Album will be out on May 22 called Rare Birds

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