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Trya Sogal, is a Latin Pop Rock Singer /Songwriter from Santiago, Chile, known for her Passionate Voice delivery, and Well-Chosen Melodies. Trya Sogal has a bright Music Career ahead of herself

The Pop phenom caught our attention with her Song titled

“Fueron Palabras” a Song that has Feelings written all over it .

Trya Sogal told us that

“fueron Palabras” is one track from a group of 10 songs written at the End of 2020 which she labeled Amor, Locura, y Gritos which Express her Feelings, Trials, and Tribulations during that exact point in her's a Secret weapon for any Artists to have in their repertoire

Let's Check out Tyra Sogal in Action

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Practice makes perfect, and Trya Sogal has been doing just that, Composing Music since the age of 7 and only at eight years old she already started reading Music and Writing Melodies. From there on she started working in the Studio while in Music School

Where her Mentor and Professor was the great Gillermo Riffo, Yup the Legendary Chilean, Symphony Orchestra Director for more than 30 years, and a well-known Jazz player.

After a few years in 2013 Trya Sogal

Showcased her talent by competing in various festivals and competitions similar to the voice

Around Chile.

Later she studied performing Arts at the Alicia Puccio, an Academy where she worked on her craft, and in 2020 she let it all out, Songs that have been inside of her for decades

And has been steadily releasing songs ever since and her numbers are showing Excellence.

Keep up with Trya Sogal and her Music Career

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