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Victor Vain , A Sound to Make a Change

Victor Vain, is a German based, House and Pop phenom.

Since his childhood he played piano and guitar "BUT LIKE MOST OF US" During Lockdown We have learned things we never would have tried on a regular day, for Victor Vain it was his Time to Let the Rest of the World feel his art ( He chose to release Hot Tracks)

Let's checkout Victor Vain Going Strong

Every Home Studio Needs FL Studios

The mood of the day influences the vibe of his songs. Usually he feels comfortable with a higher bmp.

He likes to produce Happy vibing Pop and House Sounds but isn’t focused on one genre too much.

This is his Latest Project Enjoy

Inspired by UK Club Music Victor Vain enjoys posting his Music on his youtube Channel and His social networks.

He is currently working on some planned Projects with some new Cool Vibes.

Follow Victor Vain and his Career

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