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WishGxd, Working hard for Superstardom

WishGxd, Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. WishGxd has been Making Music for 3 Years, as he Started his journey in 2018. Since Then, he has grown his Sound with every Track and Project he has Released, Growing his Fanbase is the longterm goal Overtime.

Let's check out WishGxd spit some lyrics.

WishGxd has grown to be a versatile Artist, Growing from rough one take freestyle Songs to R&B and Hip-Hop filled with word play and lyricism. Inspired by artists such as XXXTENTACION, Travis Scott, The Weeknd and many more, He is creating his sound and mark on the industry, and plans to stand at the top. Follow his journey from the bottom, to The top of the Charts, as he goes on to change the game.

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