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Wordplay T. Jay The man who does it all and teach all

TJay Johnson, a.k.a. WordPlay T. Jay is a Hip Hop Artist, Music Producer, Podcaster, and Music Business YouTuber he does not have time but he makes time for independent music artist .

“Music for the Underdog”.That music is the soundtrack for everyone who has the willingness to persevere through the odds. His philosophy shows up on his YouTube channel where he shares music business advice to other artists, on the No Rhyme or Reason Podcast with co-host Icarus Gray, and in his growing collection of songs and albums on streaming platforms.His last album, Overtime, is the final release in a series about living out your dream job.Overtime is “adulting” in the form of a Hip Hop album.It is the perfect bookend to albums that explore balancing a 9 to 5 and working for yourself.

What a way to start an album he really knows how to get his message across in a commercial way while keeping his style original but it does not stop there, the Youtube Channel is a Learning Center for the Independent Artist

This is just a taste

Wordplay T. Jay is the Dalai Lama for Independent Artist because he has been through it and has the correct answer on how you the Artist should proceed with your Music career so if your on youtube take time and checkout his channel i am very sure that you will learn something knew and if your on spotify and want to hear good clean music this is your guy.

WordPlay T. Jay is currently working on his 9th studio album, terry which reflects on his life story and sheds the person he was in the past. The first single, “JAM”, is a fun, guitar driven, track that is all about expression. He adds witty and exciting lyrics to an instrumental that keeps you bouncing. The goal is to get you to live out the things that are your “JAM”.

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