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YungBbaby , Lyrics for Years

YungBbaby, San Diego, California, Born ,Small Town Indiana Raised, where he was Raised that's when the magic began..... He Started Creating his own brand, YBB, he was also Building his craft of Melodic Rap, A genre of Music fusion Rhythm-based lyricism of Rap, Hip-hop, R&B, Music preference for these melodious Vocals, YungBbaby Grew up listening to Artist such as Akon, Lil Wayne, Lucci, to name a few , Recently he has been inspired by Lil Baby, MoneyBagYo, DaBaby,

Let's Check out YungBbaby in Action with his latest Release

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YungBbaby, Has been working overtime in Dec, 2021 he released his first single titled Clappin Shortly after his first single YungBbaby Released 8 new singles in 2022, With his top 3 songs First Off, Drip, and OG, Which are Making Waves. He has recently hit over 50,000 Streams on Spotify so far. This Indiana Artist is steady putting his state on the map

Thoughts: With this many Lyrics YungBbaby is an Artist to look out for, Most Artist who have Lyrics for years do reach there goal, Nas , Eminem , Mos Def , LL Cool J , 2pac , The Notorious B.I.G to name a few........ all made it....... But all those names will never be Forgotten, YungBbaby is in his early stages of his career but he does have all the tools to Make a mark in the Music Industry

It's All About Motivation and the Kid's Got it

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