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Zak Domogalla, Moon Eyes

Zak Domogalla is a Hot up and coming indie/Rock Artist From Hawthorne, Nevada who let's his guitar speak and his Voice take you on a ride. Zak Domogalla has been in the Music Industry for Sometime Domogalla was able to get out of the mining industry of his home State and into the Music industry with the success of his First band Ode to Nothing, founded in 2005. Ode to Nothing Released two albums, "Act II"

and "Anywhere's Better Than Here,"

Both of which received substantial radio play throughout the US, and as far away as Australia and France. His band Nevada's premier album, "Of The World"

Produced by KC and the Sunshine Band co-founder Richard Finch, also enjoyed much Success. "I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunities that have come my way," says Domogalla Nevada was Included in the first round of nominations for the Grammy Awards. The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences placed Nevada on the Official Ballot for the 2010 Grammy Awards in the following categories:

Record of the Year: Nevada - Lost

Album of the Year: Nevada - Of The World..

Song of the Year: Nevada - Lost

Best New Artist: Nevada

Best Pop Vocal Album: Nevada - Of The World.

Let's check out Zak Domogalla on his latest single Titled ,Moon Eyes

Now he is Solo and going for it all with cool songs like this one we are sure to hear more From Zak Domogalla

Keep an Eye out for Zak Domogalla and follow his career

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